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Welcome to Hululu

One of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Budapest

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Vietnamese cuisine is characterized by a touch of ingredients that are not too spicy, too sweet or too fat. Additional ingredients (spices) of Vietnamese dishes are extremely rich. When enjoying the dishes, the blending of materials in a general way becomes even clearer: Vietnamese people rarely eat any dishes separately, enjoy each dish, but a meal is usually a combination dishes from starters to desserts.

In the heart of Budapest, we, Vietnamese people want to bring Vietnamese food to the whole world, bring the essence of local cuisine to everyone. Here you will not only feel the taste of traditional food but also see the Vietnamese culture within!

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Monday to Sunday


Hu Lu Lu

The restaurant

Many people must have wondered why Hu Lu Lu is the name of the restaurant. That name is very special and it means so much to us.

If you come to us, you might meet a sweet little boy. He is our angel.

The restaurant is a family business. Family unity is very important to us. The birth of our little boy, Beu, has strengthened and forged us even more. During we play with each other, we jokingly told each other that Father Hu lu luuuuu, Beu Hu lu luuuu, Mother Hu lu luuuuu and this is how Hu Lu Lu was born. ❤

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Main Dish

Saláta/ Salad(Csípős-savanyú szósz, menta, mogyoró/ Spicy, sour sauce, mint, peanut)
Bún trộn/ Mix tészta/ Mixed noodle(Rizstésta, babcsíra, házi savanyított karalábé and répa, salát, uborka, halszósszal/ Rice noodle, bean sprouts, home pickled kohrabi and carrot, salad, fish sauce)

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Where to find us

Hululu - Budapest

Budapest, Akácfa u. 16, 1072

(+36) 30 463 7184


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In case of having any question, please don't hesitate contact us at the restaurant or through the email or phone.

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